Testing the Fuji 16mm 1.4 & Nissin i40

My son after I asked "make a normal face"  |  FUJI X-T1 & 16mm F1.4

Picked up a couple new fuji gears before the next wedding. Adding to the Fuji system was inevitable after its excellent showing a couple weeks ago. I'm at the stage of trying to balance both systems to take advantage of each's strengths. I initially thought the wider lenses would make more sense on the Nikon but I am now limiting that to the 35mm (workhorse lens).  Ultra wide and tele will be handled on the Fuji to take advantage of the lower weight of the extreme focal lengths (and lower cost!).

FUJI X-T1 & 16mm F1.4

I debated whether to grab the 14mm F2.8 or the 16.  The extra 2mm really does make a significant difference in view.  Ultimately, I knew how versatile this 16mm could potentially be. To start with, Fuji's build quality is top notch. Adding in the distance scale and manual focusing clutch really make this lens that much better. Finally, the close focus capability basically turns this lens into a two-in-one (I'll definitely be using this for ring shots!)

FUJI X-T1 + 16MM F1.4

The Nissin i40 (Fuji)

I also picked up this great little flash for reception bounce work. I had already had some hands-on at my local shop (great place to cover your gear needs!), so I knew I needed to pick this up. Exceptionally well built and thought out. Super easy to exposure comp and is much more powerful than it looks!

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