Inspirations and quiet time

D7000 + 18-105mm

One of my favorite locations. This capture has always given me an inspirational feeling for what's to come. With the strong vanishing point, great contrasty black and white and the gulls flying into the distance, this shot has a sense of movement into the future.  Or maybe it's a look back to the past for some?

I'm a particularly good 'cold weather' person. It's been a struggle finding the motivation with getting out shooting during this time of year... but I try to. I've found that getting out for some quiet-time alone spurs creativity. It seems to frequently lay the groundwork for new ideas and is also a nice reset for me. No conversation, time limitations or pressure to finish up. I take my sweet time 'seeing' an image... take a little extra time to work out the composition and maybe try something new.

This particular day was really cold. I was testing out the (at the time) new Nikon D7000... which turned out to be a heck of a camera, if a bit too small for a DSLR. The 16MP Sony sensor in the D7000 really wow'd me. The ability to pull back the shadows really had me changing the way I shot. It wasn't so much the 'protecting the highlights' balancing act with the shadows any longer. I knew I had about 2 stops in the shadow range!  Crazy.

And yes there is the obvious question as to why I'm posting older images and speaking to 'getting out and shooting' ;)  I've got a couple fun adventures planned soon.

"Almost... There..." ;)

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