Epcot: 16mm

There's something interesting about being a photographer on vacation. Inevitably, you want gear with you but you don't want, or need, for it to be your 'focus' at all during vacation. I tend to keep the gear to a minimum and keep it on my shoulder for fun moments as they come up. All natural light and take things as they come. Also, there is the post processing that comes after you return. With my current gear (Fuji) there's a real alternative here: In camera processed Jpg. I ended up shooting RAW... and I'll explain why.

First, a bit on what gear I decided to bring along. I chose the X-T10 camera as it's smaller and 90% as capable as the X-T1; Easy decision.  Also, it has a threaded shutter release which can come in handy for fireworks. The lens options were where I had to take a bit to ponder the pluses and minuses.  Ultimately, I decided to go 16mm (24mm), 35mm (50mm) and the 56mm (85mm). I did miss the reach of the 50-140mm but there was no way I was toting that around the entire vacation. If I owned the 23mm 1.4 (35mm) I might have just taken that and the 56mm but I haven't picked that up yet. I'm glad that I chose to take the 16mm however.

Epcot! 16mm

So, why not save space and processing time with using jpg? I wrote earlier on not making the photography the focus and when you are just capturing moments as they come you won't always have the best light or angles. Inevitably, the extra latitude in post becomes essential.

We had an amazing time. This trip was a long time coming and it was worth it! We filled every day with a new adventure and came back happy and exhausted :)

Universal Panoramic