Cutting Edge

Well, not really. Using the D700 isn't exactly 'cutting edge' anymore... but the newish 50mm f/1.8G is :)  I really like this lens. Not only is it much faster with AF over the 1.4G, but optically it's even a bit sharper wide-open.

This shot was taken during a lull in pool action. f/4.

Here's a few more recent shots using the 50mm f/1.8G:

I recommend the 1.8G over the 1.4G for anything moving or for using wider apertures predominately. The 1.4G would be better for those that really need the 1.4 and for landscape photography as it's a bit sharper after 5.6 from what I've seen.

Both are good lenses... can't say you won't go wrong with either do to the AF difference but that depends more on your intended use.