A 4th of July outing and thoughts on the X-T10

FUJI X-T10 + 35MM F1.4

Though mostly cloudy and a few drops here and there, it turned out to be a great day. Temps were pretty much perfect with a slight breeze. We decided to head south for some park activities and small town fun.

Fuji X-T10

This isn't the first test as I've had it for a week now but so far this 'baby X-T1' is more pro than it's small size would have you initially believe. The below series was all shot on continuous focus using a combination of single AF point and zone. My kids were NOT still here.  Some subtle distance changes and some drastic and fast. Swinging at or away from me erratically. A true test for the new firmware 4.0 (in the case of the X-T10 it's the native firmware). I purposely shot these wide-open at F1.4 and at close distance to keep the DOF fairly narrow.

AF Performance Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, this wasn't my first test of the X-T10 or the new firmware 4.0 on the X-T1. I have tested with tracking people running at me and away, experimented when to best use zone or single AF with continuous as well as compare with one of the current DSLR AF kings, the Nikon D750.

I'm not going to say the X-T10 or X-T1 can compete on a 1:1 but the beauty is they don't have to. It does take some getting used to to see what trips up this system but once you start getting a hang of it, it's truly impressive.

A quick portrait of my daughter with some interesting bokeh :)

Wow, what can I say here? The X-T10 in combination with the 35 F1.4 just became my favorite family option. Yes, it's small and of a slightly lesser build... but that comes with some really awesome advantages!

First, the buttons on the camera are quite a bit nicer in use; not as mushy as the X-T1 due to it's weather seals. Next, the smaller size really does help it fade away on your shoulder when not needed. Also of note, your not scaring anyone with this camera (Unless of course you decide to mount the 50-140mm on it... not sure why you would!).  You just won't draw DSLR or even bigger mirrorless camera attention.

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