Titans soccer 2016 in full swing

D750 + 85mm 1.8G

A few captures from the still fairly new season.  Bit of a change so far this season as I'm using only an 85mm, which is nowhere near long enough for soccer. Waiting on an updated 70-300mm from Nikon which I'm hearing is due soon. The D500 is another interesting option for the future as well. High ISO ability of the new camera looks amazing for a APS-C sensor!

Nikon D750 + 85mm 1.8G

Tournament Weekend Highlights

The end of my son's soccer season is here; 4 matches over two days. The weather is hot but the desire to battle is evident.  Go Titans!

Mix 3-16

Nikon D750 + 28mm 1.8G

Nikon D750 + 58mm 1.4G

Nikon D750 + 28mm 1.8G

Nikon D750 + 28mm 1.8G

Nikon D750 + 28mm 1.8G

Jonas: Day 2

Jonas arrives

Lots of shoveling but some fun as well! Jonas has arrived to the Jersey coast.


"He's not really dead. As long as we remember him."  Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy

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