Sameena & Dinesh : Married : Day 2 - Thayer Hotel, West Point, NY

Epic is the only word for this wedding. Actually, I should say two weddings! This is Day 2 of a two day celebration of Sameena and Dinesh! I was continually in awe of the textures, colors and rich ceremony from this day. Look at these images... I've never shot anything like this before. What a treat to be able to capture these beautiful moments.

The preparations were extensive and wonderfully detailed. The dresses were obviously gorgeous but also works of art. Everything was done to meticulous detail.

When the ceremonies ended I got to spend some time taking Sameena and Dinesh's portraits but this also served as as a nice reflection moment for all of us. As the sun set, it offered the perfect setting for us to exhale and remember the past two days. What an adventure!

Congratulations to Sameena and Dinesh!