Had a really great time shooting the Mudman X in Manchester, NJ this past weekend. This is really out of my comfort zone which added to the fun!

Stage Fright

5 minutes later she was tearing it up on the dance floor!

This particular wedding was a temporary return to second shooting.  I lent my photographic services and skills to Untouchable Entertainment, a full-service wedding & event company. They are a great bunch of people who really know the industry. Awesome DJ's, event planners, photographers and staff!

Power over the sun

Or power over gels and flash :)  I had seen a few great examples of this technique and knew I had to try it myself once the opportunity presented itself.

I placed a speedlight behind a curtain the room. I added a CTO gel to the flash for the sun effect. I believe power was set very low (probably 1/32 - Have to remember to write them down). The main light is another speedlight in a 24" softbox.

  • Image #1: 85mm - 1/60 @ f/2 - ISO 100
  • Image #2: 85mm - 1/200 @ f/2 - ISO 100

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'How I shot it' overview

'How I shot it' overview

Stuart & Danyell

Upon meeting Stuart and Danyell, I knew this would be a fun wedding. They wanted a casual and fun day; focusing on the joy of the occasion. The day had a bit of everything: fun and tears (of joy) and great family and friends. Congrats guys and thanks for the opportunity to capture this great day for you.

Jaime & Mary

Congratulations Jaime & Mary!

Don't Stop Believin'

From one of my recent weddings. Towards the end of the night the last song was Don't Stop Believin'. It capped off the night in a really fun way, resulting in a fun series of images. I had to jump over a guest (a friend so it was safe ;) to get in position for this one. So worth it!


Moment Radar

For the photographers visiting (especially those starting out in wedding photography), I wanted to use this series as an example on improving your 'moment radar'. Being proficient with exposure, composition and your camera is very important, not only from a standpoint of getting good images, but also to free some of your mind up to pay more attention to what's going on around you!

Being comfortable with our gear and understanding of the fundamentals of photography, allow our minds to be more in tune with what's going on around us. This is true for many journalistic styles of photography (street shooting as one good example).

Portraits for Sandy relief: Sticky Fingers & Snapshots

I was involved in an awesome fundraising even this past weekend called "Sticky Fingers & Snapshots". It raised money to help the Long Island area's Sandy relief efforts, led by the awesome Ananda Lima (a fellow wedding and portrait photographer) and Krista Punsalan. There were baked goods, a clothing drop-off, a raffle and portraits. I was asked to be the photographer and I could not be happier with the way it turned out.


The kids and families were fantastic. Everyone looked great and was patient waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

There was just no keeping this little guys energy from coming out!

There was just no keeping this little guys energy from coming out!

Wonderful moments like this one that I was privileged to capture.

Wonderful moments like this one that I was privileged to capture.


Jacob, owner and operator of The Laughing Devil comedy club and bar. Great guy!

Jacob, owner and operator of The Laughing Devil comedy club and bar. Great guy!

What a day!

I couldn't have imagined a better, more satisfying shoot. Everything really came together. I was assisted by my friend and fellow photographer, Taj Dickinson, who really came through and helped make this a success. The event raised money which is going directly to help the people in need. I'm proud to have been a part of it!

The event was hosted at a comedy club called The Laughing Devil. I recommend stopping by if you are ever in the area!

For the fellow camera geeks out there, all images shot on my Nikon D700 and 50mm f/1.8G. Lighting was a 4 flash setup with speed lights and radio triggers.

Jeff & Lindsey

I love wedding photography. The challenge, range of emotions, the beautiful locations... how does it get even better? When the bride and groom are your friends. I had an awesome time capturing the day for Jeff and Lindsey. Not only are they perfect together, but they also had their perfect day.

Shot at the beautiful English Manor in Ocean Township, NJ; we enjoyed great weather and a gorgeous location. Congratulations Jeff & Lindsey!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing day.