Don't Stop Believin'

From one of my recent weddings. Towards the end of the night the last song was Don't Stop Believin'. It capped off the night in a really fun way, resulting in a fun series of images. I had to jump over a guest (a friend so it was safe ;) to get in position for this one. So worth it!


Moment Radar

For the photographers visiting (especially those starting out in wedding photography), I wanted to use this series as an example on improving your 'moment radar'. Being proficient with exposure, composition and your camera is very important, not only from a standpoint of getting good images, but also to free some of your mind up to pay more attention to what's going on around you!

Being comfortable with our gear and understanding of the fundamentals of photography, allow our minds to be more in tune with what's going on around us. This is true for many journalistic styles of photography (street shooting as one good example).